Is Meta AI on WhatsApp Available in Your Country?


Are you wondering if meta ai isn’t available yet in your country? No need to wonder because meta ai is still not available in most of the countries like Brazil, Nigeria, Spain etc.


What is Meta AI Whatsapp? Meta AI is a virtual assistant that is seamlessly incorporated into the messaging platform. It causes a stir for the parent business, Meta. Aren’t you thinking: Is everyone able to access the best uses of meta ai on whatsapp especially students?


Come along as we get into the specifics of the current rollout and discuss when you may expect to see Meta AI Whatsapp Number in your WhatsApp conversations.


The countries where meta AI on whatsapp is working is limited. Although the precise list of nations isn’t formally verified. User experiences and reports indicate that it’s presently available in selective places. 

Meta AI Whatsapp availability by Country

Here are the names of the countries where meta ai on whatsapp is working. If you are wondering how to get Meta AI in whatsapp in your country. Make sure that you are living in any of these countries. you can easily access Meta AI in your whatsapp in these regions.


  • Meta AI in United States (Initial Launch Country)
  • Meta AI in Canada
  • Meta AI in Australia
  • Meta AI in New Zealand
  • Meta AI in Singapore
  • Meta AI in South Africa
  • Meta AI in Ghana
  • Meta AI in Nigeria
  • Meta AI in Pakistan
  • Meta AI in India 

What About Other Countries? When Can We Expect Meta AI on WhatsApp?

Meta has not released an official roadmap for the introduction of Meta AI on WhatsApp globally. It appears like Meta is implementing the feature in a few nations at a time in a phased manner. It enables them to get input from users, improve the technology, and guarantee a successful international launch.


It has also been noticed that English-speaking nations are given priority in the first deployment. This could be as a result of the AI model’s training set of data, which improved its comprehension and ability to respond to English queries.


However, Meta AI WhatsApp number may be carrying out more thorough testing in some areas, such as India. It guarantees that the AI helper can manage local quirks.

How to Remove Meta AI from WhatsApp?

Are you wondering how to remove Meta AI from WhatsApp? Let me tell you there isn’t a one-click way to fully uninstall Meta AI from WhatsApp at this time. Users do have the option to disable some functions that make use of Meta AI characteristics look disappear.

How to disable Meta AI from WhatsApp?


Stop wondering how do I get rid of Meta AI from WhatsApp? This function lets users search within chats and find relevant material by using artificial intelligence. Follow the steps below to learn how to remove Meta AI from WhatsApp.


Go to WhatsApp Settings > Chat > Search with online results (turn off the toggle) to disable it.


After doing this, Must put limits on the data that is shared with Meta. You can reduce the volume of data that Meta AI uses. 


Navigate to Account > Privacy > Manage Privacy Settings in WhatsApp Settings. 


These steps will help you in setting the “Last Seen,” “Profile Photo,” and “Live Location” data, which AI algorithms may use. But now are within your control here.

The Future of Meta AI on WhatsApp:

With WhatsApp, Meta AI has a lot of potential. Users can request rapid information like news summaries or weather updates. You can also make reminders and appointments right within WhatsApp. You can get inspired to write original emails or captions for social media.

Moreover, the best part is that you can also translate languages in real-time to facilitate conversation.

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Also, If you are confused how to get Meta AI on Watsapp, you can watch this video to learn how to get meta AI number free on Whatsapp?

Wrapping up!

In conclusion, Meta AI on WhatsApp isn’t currently accessible everywhere. The initial release is really promising. If you keep yourself informed and update your WhatsApp, you’ll be prepared to use this effective helper as soon as it makes its way to your area.

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