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Have you ever wished WhatsApp had an AI personal assistant chatbot to solve all your problems, do assignments, or even inspire you with original thoughts? It looks like your wish has been granted! W

The Parent company of WhatsApp “Meta”, is introducing a new feature dubbed Meta AI which incorporates the business’s cutting-edge AI technology right into the messaging app.

In this blog, we will answer all the questions like “how to use meta AI?”, “How to chat with meta AI?”, “How to update meta WhatsApp?” And all your queries related to Meta AI WhatsApp. We will also tell you how WhatsApp Meta AI Features can completely transform your everyday routine.

What is Meta AI on WhatsApp?

Meta AI is a text-based virtual assistant. It is integrated into the WhatsApp user interface. Through the use of Llama 3 and other potent AI models, Meta is able to comprehend and reply to your questions in natural English. However, It is important to remember that Meta AI is just in its limited beta stage right now.

Is Meta AI now showing in WhatsApp? Don’t worry! Not everyone is able to access it at this time in April 2024. As the growth of Meta is in progress, its features will probably grow in upcoming months.

Furthermore, it appears that the first deployment prioritises English language support. But, with time, you will be able to talk to meta AI in other languages like Hindi, Turkish etc.

How to use Meta AI in WhatsApp in April 2024?

If you are wondering how to use Meta AI Chatbot in your WhatsApp, here are some simple steps you can follow.

First of all, you need to open a WhatsApp Chat. You can communicate with Meta AI by starting a new chat with “Meta AI” or by participating in any group chat that already exists on WhatsApp.

Moreover, In the chat window, type your query or prompt by clicking the “Send”. After reviewing your feedback, Meta AI will reply. You can reword your query or provide more context for a better understanding if the first result isn’t what you were hoping for.

You can further WhatsApp the video below to learn “How to get and use Meta AI in WhatsApp?

Is Meta AI free to Use on Android in 2024?

Yes. Meta AI is completely free to use on WhatsApp. Now, you don’t need to pay for Chatgpt or any other Chatbot tool to give you answers to your queries. There is yet no word on whether Meta AI will come with an additional fee.

However, WhatsApp is a free messaging service, and Meta AI appears to be marketed as an extra bonus function.

How to Update Meta WhatsApp?

Are you wondering How do I update my WhatsApp to the latest version? There is not a dedicated update for this feature alone because Meta AI is currently in beta.

In addition, it’s usually advised to maintain your WhatsApp app updated to the most recent version. Usually, your app store (iOS App Store or Android Play Store) allows you to check for updates.

Moreover, you can uninstall your WhatsApp and reinstall it to get the updated version of WhatsApp or to get Meta AI feature on your WhatsApp.

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In conclusion, you can enjoy the feature of AI on your WhatsApp without needing any AI tool like Chatgpt, or google bard. Now, you have an AI Personal WhatsApp Number you can chat with. Even if you are feeling lonely, have queries with life, need business consultancy or any other problem. Just Chat with Meta AI and you are good to go.

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