3 waves of Internet technology – AI and BlockChain


Have you ever wondered how the Evolution of Internet technology works? It is obvious to be amazed with AI-driven innovations in Internet history and Smart technologies in the 4th wave. 

The Digital transformation with AI and blockchain projects has transformed how we live and work. It leaves a visible impact through 3 distinct waves of technology. Each wave has come up with new possibilities and opportunities. It moulds a digital landscape the way people recognise it today.

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, we stand on the cusp of a 4th wave. It holds the potential to revolutionise advanced technologies and crypto coins. Also, if you want to get into crypto coins related investments based on blockchain technologies, you can get it done from Tek360.

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In this blog, we will tell you the brief details about the revolution of the Internet with AI and blockchain.

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First Wave of Internet Technology – history of Internet

The early days of internet technology marked the beginning of connecting computers and sharing information. It laid the groundwork for the digital world we live in today, where the internet was primarily utilised for research, communication, and information sharing. 

A key development during this period was the creation of the World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee. It made the internet more accessible and user-friendly. 

However, the initial wave has a significant impact on businesses. It not only creates new opportunities for commerce but also enables businesses to connect with a global audience. This era saw the emergence of e-commerce platforms. It provides consumers with the ability to shop online and access a wide array of goods and services from the convenience of their homes. 

Furthermore, online banking and financial transactions became more prevalent. It simplifies individuals’ management of their finances. The first wave of internet technology established the foundation for future developments. It played a main role in setting the stage for the transformative potential of the second wave.

Second Wave of Internet Technology – Advancement of Internet

The second wave of internet technology ushered in a new era of connectivity and interaction. The way we are living in a connected and interactive age. It is only possible due to the second wave of internet technology. 

The emergence of social media platforms, online communities, and user-generated content characterised this epoch. It denotes the change from passive reception of information to active participation.

Industries and consumer behaviour saw tremendous shifts as a result of the second wave of internet technologies. Businesses adopt targeted advertising and are focusing on completely changing the way they approach marketing. 

Moreover, the emergence of influencers and online reviews has empowered consumers with vast amounts of information before they make purchasing decisions. This strategy has also spurred the sharing economy. It enables platforms like Airbnb and Uber to disrupt traditional industries. 

This era of internet technology ushered in a new era of connectivity and social interaction and sets the stage for the next wave of innovation.

Third Wave of Internet Technology – Web 3.0

The third wave of internet technology further expanded upon the achievements of the previous waves. It introduced even more sophisticated capabilities. This wave was characterised by the widespread use of mobile devices, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing. It signifies a transition towards a more interconnected and intelligent digital environment.

A prominent trend within this wave was the extensive embrace of smartphones and tablets. It enables individuals to conveniently access the internet while it is on the move. It further facilitated constant connectivity and access to information at all times. 

Furthermore, the IoT transformed the way we engage with everyday objects, from smart home devices to wearable technology. In order to obtain insightful information and make data-driven decisions, it allowed organisations to take use of the power of big data analytics and AI algorithms. 

The third wave further witnessed breakthroughs in cybersecurity setting the groundwork for the fourth wave of internet technology. It was also focused on artificial intelligence’s transformational potential.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and its Connection to the Fourth Wave of Internet Technology

The fourth wave of internet technology is artificial intelligence (AI). It is the programming of robots to mimic human thought processes and learning. It includes a range of technologies, such as computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning.

However, AI has already significantly improved a number of industries, including banking, transportation, and healthcare. These systems are being utilised in healthcare to create individualised treatment plans. It evaluates medical pictures and detects illnesses. 

AI is utilised in finance for chatbots. It assists customers, algorithmic trading, and fraud detection. AI-powered advancements in the transportation sector include drone delivery services and self-driving autos. 

Moreover, AI’s fourth wave is itself a promise. It works as a huge transformer in development of artificial intelligence, blockchain and and the platforms of the future. Beyond comprehension, it has the power to mechanise tasks and change industries. It further plays a main role in enhancing human potential in ai and blockchain projects.

From self-governing robots to clever virtual assistants, AI has the power to drastically change our surroundings. The 4th wave presents ethical conundrums and IT challenges. Some further concerns include the potential for AI to be biassed or discriminatory. It creates a possibility for the loss of jobs with the usage of personal data. 

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What is BlockChain Technology? 

Blockchain technology is a disruptive integration that has the potential to completely change a number of sectors. Its essence is seen as a nearly unchangeable, transparent, and secure digital record. It is open to all users and impervious to manipulation. 

The distributed ledger system makes sure that every transaction is permanent and verifiable. It stores data in “blocks” that are connected chronologically in a chain. Data is protected by cryptographic techniques.

Moreover, It virtually eliminates the possibility of record manipulation and reduces streamlined procedures. It also fosters confidence and does away with the need for middlemen. 

By giving stakeholders direct visibility, It reduces fraud, enhances compliance, and empowers stakeholders. A block cannot be changed after it has been added to the chain. It protects the data’s integrity and increases confidence in the dependability of the system.

Moreover, the most amazing news is that the businesses are going to be completely relying on blockchain technologies in the future. If you are a real estate owner, run an ecommerce store or have a small business who is looking for the services like designing a website or mobile application based on advanced blockchain technologies, Tek360 is a perfect solution for you.


In conclusion, Our lives and jobs have evolved a lot as a result of the internet’s quick development. The digital world has been affected in all ways. With the advent of social media, every technological advancement has enabled us to expand our horizons.

A new age of innovation and opportunity is about to dawn and its credit goes to the arrival of the fourth wave of AI. Mechanising labour, transforming entire industries, and enhancing human potential are all possible with artificial intelligence.

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